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VoIP Phone Service News
April 3rd, 2009:
E911 is here! Please click the E911 Status message inside the web console to setup. :)

December 24th, 2008:
For those of you who celebrate it - we wish you a very merry christmas!!!

December 21th, 2008:
You can now edit your voicemail settings (email & pager addresses, password, etc.) from the voicemail link inside the web console.

October 30th, 2008:
We have added new calling card access numbers in the following countries: Austria, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Mexico, Pakistan, Italy, and Latvia!

October 29th, 2008:
We know some of you have been bit by Vonics' recent disappearing act. For some of you who go back far enough to SunRocket this is the second time this happened. We feel your pain - and decided we'll try to help a little - we are giving a $10 discount to all number ports from Vonics to Future Nine that occur between now and the end of November! It is not too late to save your number. :)

June 20th, 2008:
I am incredibly happy to announce: per-call routing is here!!! :)
You can now choose your route, regardless of what plan you're on!
GREY route: 02+number
WHITE route: 03+number
PREMIUM route: 04+number

June 2nd, 2008:
New rates are in. We haven't updated in a while and it was long overdue. Major changes include higher Europe due to the Dollar-Euro situation, and lower on some non-Euro destinations. Pakistan jumped to 0.111 due to government enforcement (shut down) of grey routes. Please check the updates rates. Thanks!

May 30th, 2008:
I'm glad to announce that we finally automated payments completely! If your account is verified, your payments will post immediately.
To get your account verified, please use Google Checkout to pay. After review of your account, your account will be verified and future payments will be automatic. Thanks!

April 10th, 2008:
We have signed a great deal for E911, and plan to have it up within the next couple of week.
We do not plan to raise prices for E911. In fact, we have just lowered DID prices. :)
And last- new pay-as-you-go users now get some credit to test out the service! Sign up and give it a try!

March 22nd, 2008:
Things are moving pretty quickly around here. We have added some features like Voicemail and fixed many bugs.
Next on our list is Call Forwarding, and E911. We expect both to launch within 30 days!
Happy calling everyone, and as always - if you need anything please do not hesitate to email support!! :)

March 9th, 2008:
Calling Card and Callback Services are now included with all accounts! Added link at the top navigation bar.


With Future Nine - you are not only getting great quality phone service at a great price - you also get a constantly growing set of features - some of which are home grown and unique to our service!

List of features offered FREE with any plan:

Caller ID w/Name Call Waiting Enhanced Voicemail Global Call Forwarding
Caller ID Block Do Not Disturb Screen Anonymous Calls Free 411
Block International calls Global Call Hunt Incoming Call Failover Web Console
Number Portability E911 (not free) Global Portability Speed Dial
Advanced Call Logs Hold (with music) Virtual Calling Card Callback Access

* You can hover your mouse over the features to get a detailed explanation of each. Please note that if you use Firefox versions earlier than 3.0, you would have to install this addon to see these properly!

** Please note that during Beta some of these features will not work, or act weird. Bold entries should be working already. Please open a trouble ticket if you encounter a bug in those features! and please bear with us as we finish development on the rest of the features (and additional ones as we get new ideas!).

Have you seen a feature offered by another carrier that you really want us to have? think it would be cool to have the weather read to you when you dial 123? we are open to any suggestions! Please don't hold back, and open up a feature request trouble ticket for any idea you have. If we can technically/programatically do it, we WILL implement it!

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